There is no sign of the blue aliens that usually crop up in Argos ads in the campaign supporting its first home and furniture ‘power brand’.

Argos To Launch Integrated Marketing Campaign For New 'Heart of House' Power Brand

Instead the retailer has plumped for the mores of the furniture sector to market its Heart of House brand.

Children are shown having a pillow fight on a bed and other homely scenes include a couple deciding where to place the sofa in the new house.

Jack Wallace, brand controller for Heart of House, said the campaign supports the retailer’s biggest investment in its own brands to date.

He believes the campaign “brings a new tone to the home market, which is based in the real world”.

A voiceover on the TV ad also attempts to communicate this message by stating “don’t buy into someone else’s idea of a lifestyle… make your own”.

The bold claim is not really backed up by creative though unfortunately and the viewer is left with a sense of déjà vu when watching the TV spot.

Rather than going for a bold campaign that announces the arrival of Heart of House on the furniture scene, it feels like the agency Path Worldwide has gone for the safe option.

However, credit must be given to Argos for not emblazoning the price of the products shown in the advert all across the screen in a tactic often favoured by furniture retailers.

Creative is designed to leave the impression Argos’ homewares and furniture have been developed to withstand the “knocks and bumps of everyday family life” and this message is backed up by imagery used in the print and digital campaigns.

Argos will continue to include its alien characters in the ads created by CHI & Partners for its core brand and it is understandable why the aliens were not used to market its furniture range because of the nature of the product.

Nevertheless as Argos invests so much in its own brands, it is a shame it was not bolder with the creative to help the Heart of House brand burst onto the scene.