has unveiled a trio of Christmas adverts, each of which has a light-hearted take on shoppers giving their loved ones more thoughtful gifts.

The bespoke online marketplace, which reported widening full-year losses this week, has launched its Christmas advertising campaign, which will air on ITV and Channel Four on November 5.

All three adverts have a similar theme of giving tried and tested family members a personalised Christmas gift, be it for a patient grandmother, embarrassed brother or bewildered mother.

The campaign, which was developed by advertising agency Mother, will run across TV, digital, online and social media until December 21.

Notonthehighstreet brand and creative director Sarah Atkins said: “Our campaign takes a light-hearted view on family moments which warrant a little extra thought going into the gifts we give for the people who really matter, in particular those occasions which leave a lasting impression.”

Mother creative director Larry Seftel added: “Thoughtful gifts are there for the ones who really deserve them, not just everyone.

“You’ve got to really love someone to let them get away with making public art out of your sanitary products, or reading out a love letter that’ll stay in memories for many years after the love interest has disappeared.

“It’s the subtlety in our stories, expertly narrated by Dawn French, in which we should all see something familiar.”

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