The majority of shoppers said the result of the EU referendum vote has had no impact on their likelihood to by British products.

Although 57% of shoppers have said they are concerned that the fall in the value of the pound will lead to rising prices in stores, only 31% of shoppers have said they are more likely to buy British products as a result of Brexit.

According to a survey by ICM for Retail Week, 62% of shoppers said the EU referendum vote would make no difference to their decision to buy products made or purchased in the UK.

Younger shoppers are the most worried about rising prices as a result of Brexit, with 66% of respondents aged between 18 and 34 saying they were concerned about the falling pound impacting shop prices, compared to half of shoppers aged 55 and above.

By contrast, older shoppers were the most likely to buy British products following the EU referendum, with 37% of shoppers aged 55 and over saying they were more likely to buy British products, compared to 28% of 18-34 year old consumers.

Three in ten shoppers said they would start shopping with discount retailers as a result of rising prices, with 36% saying they would use discounters such as Aldi and Lidl to buy their groceries and 30% saying they would buy from a fast-fashion retailer such as Primark, Peacocks or Matalan.

Shoppers are most aware of changing prices in their grocery shop, with 56% of shoppers saying they would notice a price rise in their food shop, followed by electronics and clothing purchases, at 33% and 29% respectively.