British Fashion Council chairwoman, and Net-a-Porter founder, Natalie Massenet kicked off London Fashion Week on Friday by heralding the city as the “most tech savvy” fashion capital in the world.

To prove Massenet’s assumption, Sir Philip Green’s Topshop emerged as the most savvy of the lot yesterday.

The high street retailer, which showed its Topshop Unique collection at London Fashion Week yesterday, had digital initiatives a-plenty going on to engage not the fashion press or celebrities, but the people that matter most to the brand: its customers.

Via social media, it made its customers feel part of the spectacle around LFW, creating what it termed a ‘Social Catwalk’.

The ‘wow’ factor was created by the interactive digital screen it launched in its Oxford Street window. Instagrammers have been able to broadcast their posts in its world-famous storefront using #TopshopWindow and shoppers in-store could take photos on a recreation of the Topshop Unique red carpet and digitally post them to the window.

Shoppers on the street can then manipulate the display like they would do with a tablet, opening and enlarging tiles on screen.

The screen came to life yesterday when the Topshop Unique show was streamed on to it. As part of its social campaign, Topshop also showcased a selection of its Unique collection on Facebook rather than the runway.

This move truly puts the shopper at the heart of Topshop’s fashion week, which ultimately especially for a high street retailer, is what matters.

It is shoppers not the press or fashionistas that will ultimately dictate the success of its wares and it is a bold move to “democratise” an event where your celebrity dictates which row you sit on. And it is an innovative way to use social to engage with its audience.

The gauntlet is now thrown open to fellow digital innovator Burberry to see if it can snatch Tophop’s tech savvy crown when it shows today.