Vying for clicks, retailers are stepping up their use of images and videos online, and learning how to manage an abundance of digital assets.

But how do retailers capture shoppers’ attention when the competition can be reached with a simple swipe of the finger?

The key to making an impact is rich content.

For retailers navigating new image-driven terrain, Retail Week, in association with OpenText, has produced a three-step guide exploring the opportunities and challenges that come with managing multiple digital assets, featuring case studies from leading retailers including Ikea, Marks & Spencer and Argos.

Here, we give you a snapshot of the steps covered in the full digital guide.

1. Tell an on-brand story

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Rich content is great for increasing engagement with shoppers, but only if retailers truly understand their customerbase and what will resonate with them.

Read our guide to find out how Asos did this with its ‘More Reasons to Move’ video campaign for its athleisure range, designed to appeal to its millennial and Gen Z market, which helped it stand out in a crowded market. 

2. Make an impression across channels

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Trading across numerous platforms means retailers need to explore ways of managing content so that it can be easily and quickly optimised for use across different channels, such as YouTube, email, print and social media.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) technology can help by storing a single version of an image and optimising it to work on whichever channel a business chooses.

Read our guide to find out how Argos adopted a system to help ensure all asset versions came from one approved master, and created automated workflows to serve multichannel marketing and ecommerce requirements.

3. User-generated content at its best

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Step three focuses on user-generated content (UGC) — one of the best ways to drive customer loyalty and advocacy.

According to Ikea UK and Ireland head of content Kemi Anthony, UCG gives the brand a “perfect opportunity to connect more emotionally with the consumer” and a great insight into how people are really living.

But there are things to be mindful of when it comes to UGC. Read our guide to find out how to mitigate risks including retaining control over your brand values and image.

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