Shops selling a single category are thin on the ground – width, as well as depth, is normally deemed desirable by most retailers.

When it comes to pop-up shops, however, things are less set in stone and the Covent Garden pop-up store from French Wellington boots brand Aigle is a case in point.

In fairness, this small, two-floor store, in one of the piazza’s many units, is not just about shifting rubber boots manufactured in Châtellerault, deep in the heart of France. There are also shoes, walking boots and clothing, but it would be an easy mistake to make as the wellies overshadow pretty much everything else.

The impression is reinforced in this shop by the boot wall, at the far end of the ground floor, where a wooden floor-to-ceiling rack, with pigeonholes, provides a dramatic home for Aigle’s wellingtons. Dramatic principally because while the display is simple, it is put into the shade by the colour-blocked boots that are run with a single colour for each column, giving a multi-hued aspect to the area.

The shop benefits from singular architecture and its plain wood floors and white walls with large, arched, glazed windows make this a pleasing space. And if you really do want to tear yourself away from those boots and head downstairs you can relax in a plush two-seater sofa and admire the beat-up metal fixturing… and the stock.

The store is open for two-months with an option to extend by a further six if required. It is a measure of how tough things are in retail that deals of this kind are on offer.      

Nonetheless, the arrival of Aigle in this location looks to be a positive, even if proves temporary. The real challenge will be launching a permanent standalone.