Brand-specific lighting solutions

For any major retailer the branding, products, shop design and lighting are all based on a specific concept. Those responsible at numerous brands such as Levis®, Porsche Design and Hugo Boss trust Zumtobel Lighting to provide the right lighting solution for their stores.

At the Hugo Boss flagship store that was recently opened in the Meatpacking District, one of New York’s most fashionable neighbourhoods, the lighting played a fundamental role in its design.

The globally unique interior and merchandising concept especially developed for this location is enhanced by a fascinating lighting concept implemented by Zumtobel and designed by lighting artist AJ Weissbard.

Within the store, Hugo Boss wanted to create special atmospheres and characteristic settings for individual brands without sacrificing the rough charm of the former grocery store and the flat warehouse style that gives the area its unique flair. To achieve this balance, Italian architect Matteo Thun opted for “an LED lighting system that turns the place into a theatre stage”.

The lighting emphasises building elements left in their original condition and accentuates items of the collection as bright points in an overall fairly dark atmosphere. It reacts to the seasons of the year and creates moods within the shop.

Thun only added what was absolutely necessary to the existing building to create an optimal platform for the clothes. An oak grid structure spans over the different collections like a unifying roof. Just a few elements introduced to the existing building structure have turned the market hall into a showroom.

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