Workers at a Tesco store in China have blockaded the shop ahead of its closure.

More than 100 workers have been protesting at the Tesco Jinhua store in Zhejiang province amid fears over its imminent closure this week.

They were fearful the “older, underperforming store” would close before the planned date at the end of December.

Staff asked management to terminate their contracts and pay their wages in overtime, according to The Guardian.

Workers prevented shoppers entering the stor, protesting over wages and redundancy terms. They displayed a banner which read: “We want to protect our rights. Return our blood and sweat money.”

Tesco said: “China is an important growth market for Tesco. We have a strong future store opening programme with more than a dozen additional hypermarkets planned this financial year.

“In line with our overall strategy, we are closing one of our older underperforming stores in the Jinghua region next month.

“We are working with the local government and doing all we can to look after our employees affected by the closure. We have offered all staff the opportunity to relocate to another Tesco store in the region and we’re also helping employees unable to relocate by setting up interviews with other local retailers. Any employees who leave the business will receive a one-month additional salary as compensation which will be paid to employees prior to the store closure.”

It is unclear whether protests are continuing.