Retail technology stories we found worth reading on the web today

Some retail technology stories we found worth reading on the web today:

Bloomberg Businessweek:What Amazon fears most: diapers
US etailer Quidsi, the company the sites and, is having success shipping low-margin commodity goods very efficiently. Could sites specialising in high volumes of one product category be a threat to the likes of Amazon.

GetElastic:Directing Visitors to Localized Content
Elastic Path’s blog looks at the best ways to direct customers to the geographically-appropriate version of an “internationalised” site that operates across several markets.

Computerworld:Sainsbury’s online sales jump 25% as it invests in supply chain
Looking at last week’s Sainsbury’s update, Computerworld looks at factors that contributed to the grocer’s 25% uptick in online sales in the three months to October 2.

The Snow Patrol:French Connection: example of retailer on YouTube
Snow Valley’s blog looks at French Connection’s “YouTique” service on YouTube, one of the first by a retailer to use contextual links within videos to link back to products on its transactional site

GetReading:Shop owner turns to the web over thieves
Alworths, Spar and Costcutter stores are among those trialing and online CCTV monitoring firm, according to the Reading Post. The Internet Eyes service streams stores’ CCTV footage to users who can report crimes and win cash rewards for doing so.
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