The inside opinion from founder Sarah Curran

What is the My-wardrobe work ethos?

“We have created a great culture where staff are passionate. We operate a roundtable approach and key decisions are taken as a team.”

What makes the ideal My-wardrobe employee?

“We surround ourselves with passionate, enthusiastic and energetic people to ensure we maintain momentum. We consider culture fit equally as important as experience.”

As a workplace, what sets you apart from your competitors?

“We give people the opportunity to be heard and to develop their career. Not being too corporate in our approach gives us an edge in attracting people who want to make a difference.”

How do you strive to retain your staff?

“People spend so much time at work, it’s important they enjoy what they do. It’s easy to think money is always the driver, but we don’t believe money alone is the way to retain staff.”

Founded: April 2006 by Sarah and Andrew Curran

Based: London and Nottingham

Number of staff: 45 across the two sites

Annual days’ leave: 20, with additional days for senior management

Employee benefits: a generous clothing discount and access to staff sales. All employees share in the success of the company and benefit from a share options scheme