The inside view from Dreams resources director Suzanne Taylor

What makes your ideal employee?

There is no one ideal employee. We need a wide mix of people with varying skills and aptitudes. That said, a ‘do it right and do it well’ attitude is crucial. Skills can be taught; attitude is part of our personality.

What sets apart working at your company from your competitors?

We promote healthy competition, and the attitude, ‘Do everything 10% better, not 10 things 100% better’.

How do you strive to retain your staff?

By investing in our people and letting them know they are valued. Our in-house training schemes have been enhanced by the introduction of NVQs and a sector-leading retail management degree.

How do you ensure your employees have a good work/life balance?

It’s important that our staff enjoy working at Dreams. There is no conflict between hard work and fun and if we enjoy what we do, it makes life outside work much easier too.

Founded 1985

Based High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Number of staff More than 2,000 across the business

Number of stores 235

Employee benefits All employees have the opportunity to earn a bonus, regardless of which area of the business they work in. A pension, life assurance, 20% off gym membership and a staff discount scheme are also offered to staff

Work ethos To work harder and smarter, and always to do the right thing for customers