The inside view from head of HR Phil Tiffin

What makes your ideal employee?

Someone who is confident and friendly with a bit of a sense of humour. They need to be enthusiastic and have a great work ethic.

What sets apart working at Boden from your competitors?

We try hard to make Boden a fun place to work. We have a summer party and another bash after New Year. We don’t want Boden to feel like a bureaucracy so directors are accessible and approachable. And there’s a cake trolley on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

How do you strive to retain your staff?

We ask our people how we can get better in an annual culture audit. This gives us a good idea of what we do well and what we can improve on.

How do you ensure your employees have a good work/life balance?

Some roles can work flexibly and can take an extended lunch break if they make up the time. If you work extra hours during the week, you can leave early on a Friday.

Founded 1991

Based North Acton, London

Number of staff 1,000

Number of stores Two

Number of days’ leave 20, rising by a day per year for the first five years

Employee benefits Pension, life insurance, staff discount, some travel and medical insurance, a free allowance for Boden clothes and free toast

Work ethos Lots of hard work and lots of fun