The inside view from employee and customer services director Mark Harris

What makes your ideal employee?

Customer-centric, flexible, inquisitive and accountable.

How do you strive to retain your staff?

We try to live our values: acknowledging and rewarding the right behaviours, especially where customers are concerned; seeking and acting on feedback; communicating consistently and meaningfully; and being genuinely concerned about their welfare.

What sets apart working at Lands’ End from your competitors?

We do not know what it is like to work for our competitors, though most of them seem like nice people, but we are probably less hierarchical and more approachable.

How do you ensure your employees have a good work/life balance?

We have a well-being programme and try to be as flexible and family-oriented as possible. Being in the heart of Rutland helps too.

What it does A direct retailer, which mails more than 10 million catalogues a year in the UK

Founded 1963, in Chicago, and opened in the UK in 1993

Based Oakham is the UK head office and Europe distribution centre, and the global headquarters are in Dodgeville, Wisconsin

Number of staff 550 in the UK

Number of days’ leave Starts at 22 days for full-time employees, but most enjoy 25 days

Employee benefits Pension, life assurance, employee discount, childcare vouchers and a bonus

Work ethos Look after your customer and the rest will look after itself