Wal-Mart is to revamp its logo and unveil its new-look branding on US store fascias from this autumn.

The new logo features blue lettering followed by an orange starburst. The retailer’s name is also written as one word without any hyphenation over its tagline, “Save money. Live better”, which was introduced last year in an attempt to win over budget-conscious customers.

The logo will debut on fascias at yet-to-be disclosed store locations. No date has been set for completion of the rebranding of all its US stores.

A Wal-Mart spokesman told Retail Week the new logo is part of the retailer’s ongoing programme of store design refreshments.

He said: “We’ve been updating our stores with a customer-focused approach for the past two years and the new logo will be a part of that. The update is a reflection of the refreshed image of our stores and a renewed sense of purpose to help people save money so they can live better.”

In stores, new design features will include revamped department titles, less signage and earth-tone colours. It will mark a move away from Wal-Mart’s existing colour scheme of blue and grey.

The design, which will also start to be rolled out in autumn, will further highlight Wal-Mart’s environmental credentials, with stores making use of energy-efficient lighting systems and more natural light from glass windows on the roof.

“We’ve been working hard to make our stores cleaner, fresher and more environmentally friendly and we think the new design and logo reflects this,” said the Wal-Mart spokesman.

Portland Design director of environments Lewis Allen said the changes pitch Wal-Mart’s branding closer to rival Target.

He said: “Wal-Mart could be looking for a friendlier, softer face. Target has strong branding, which is clean and fresh and also gives a sense of its values, whereas Wal-Mart’s branding is much more generic and there isn’t anything unique about it.”