Waitrose is making its first foray into America by selling Prince Charles’ Duchy Originals in the US.

Waitrose managing director Mark Price said that the range, which will go in sale in America in September, would act as a catalyst for Waitrose to speed up expansion into international markets.

Waitrose is already in 25 different markets with a variety of branded product which generates the upmarket grocer between £50m and £60m a year. Price hopes to double this in the next two years.

Waitrose bought the licence to Duchy Originals last September and also hopes to export it to India and Asia.

Price told Reuters: “It will become, I hope, a serious part of our export business.

“We think a range that’s supported by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, is organic, sustainable and top-of-the-range premium will have great resonance outside the UK.”

He added: “What we’re working through now is the entry strategy. Do we go to one or two supermarkets? Do we go through a distributor in America who’s going to put the product out more widely?”

Price also said results from its trial with Boots which has been selling some of its food had been very positive and at the end of the year it would decide whether to do a full roll out to 700 Boots stores.