Luxury department store Harvey Nichols has aired a tongue-in-cheek Christmas viral video sending up the fashionistas who use their dogs as the ultimate fashion accessory.

The video, called Not Just For Christmas, was filmed in Harvey Nichols’ Knightsbridge store in London and plays on the pampered pooch trend espoused by celebrities such as Paris Hilton.

The luxury department store has created a send up of the fashionistas who don’t just accessorise their dogs, but use the dogs to accessorise themselves.

It features gift-wrapped pugs, Chihuahuas and Cavapoos in situations where their owners match their dogs to their outfits.

Julia Bowe, marketing communications director at Harvey Nichols, said: “We wanted to create a feel-good Christmas message which pokes fun at the absurd lengths to which some fashionistas will go to, even using dogs as an accessory to their outfits.  During filming the dogs had a great time and so did we.”

Source: YouTube