Claim abuse of purchasing power
The Trade Unions Congress (TUC) is lobbying members to submit evidence to the Competition Commission damning supermarket dominance in the UK.

The TUC is calling for submissions on how retailers are abusing their purchasing power in the UK and overseas to depress wages in the supply chain. They claim this is leading to job losses as employers, such as Northern Foods, resign unprofitable supply contracts.

The closure of the Northern Foods bakery in Trafford, with the loss of 700 jobs, was described as 'appalling' by the TUC.

Submissions to the Competition Commission 'should be cited in detail as a prime example of this abuse of power,' the organisation said.

Northern Foods is involved in the 90-day consultation period with GMB Union on the 700 redundancies. The TUC called on Northern Foods, and the multiple grocers, to reconsider the proposals and to come forward with viable prices for the plants output to ensure a secure future.