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What retailers don’t know about customer loyalty

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Retailers rely on loyalty programmes to incentivise shoppers and ensure repeat business, with 62% saying they plan to refresh their loyalty offerings within the next year.


Three steps to delivering the perfect order

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David Turner, senior director EMEA marketing at Oracle NetSuite, reveals the three steps retailers can take to ensure customers keep coming back.

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Is your spreadsheet addiction leading to administration?

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With sky-high consumer expectations and a difficult economic environment to contend with, retailers must have robust planning and forecasting processes.

Breaking down blockchain: The tokenised ledger

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With blockchain the future of the retail supply chain, Oracle’s Antony Welfare looks at the benefits of implementing a token-based system.

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How to implement blockchain effectively

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Blockchain may currently be one of the biggest talking points in retail, but businesses must take a considered approach to ensure successful implementation.


Introducing a new approach to modern finance

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Technology investment and data insight are transforming the way finance teams operate, allowing them to better navigate an uncertain market and unlock value.

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Why back-office functions are an investment priority

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Retailers should start their investment plans with back-office technology and recruitment, rather than prioritising front-end functions.


Why online advertising must match your inventory

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A frictionless path to purchase online relies on retailers having a true view of stock within commerce solutions.

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Three ways to close the customer experience gap

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James Geller, retail solutions director at Oracle, looks at explanations for the existence of the customer experience gap and how to close it.


Breaking down blockchain: The supply chain ledger

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Blockchain is set to transform how retailers do business and bring transparency to all stages of the supply chain.


Why direct to consumer is a great opportunity for brands

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Manufacturers are tapping into shoppers’ desire for convenience by cutting out the middle man and selling direct to consumers.

Customer experience

Four ways to build the ultimate customer experience

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David Turner, senior director EMEA marketing at Oracle NetSuite, explores what today’s customer is looking for both online and offline.

Online shopping

The retail customer experience of the future

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Oracle’s Antony Welfare explains why customer experience offers retailers the biggest competitive advantage.