Top Man pulls football shirts

Top Man has been forced by the Football Association to withdraw a range of football shirts, which it had emblazoned with the FA's famous three lions crest without permission. The retailer backed down after the FA threatened to sue.

All the unofficial merchandise has now been removed from Top Man stores and handed over to the FA.

'In response to this move, the FA has agreed not to bring proceedings against Top Man,' the Association announced in a statement.

The crest, which derives from the royal coat of arms displayed in battle by English kings, is a registered trademark and has been used by the England football team since 1872.

Meanwhile, sports retailers generally hope to cash in on a£1 billion spending spree during the Euro 2004 tournament. According to broker Investec, JJB Sports has already seen the benefits. 'All the signs are that the run-in to Euro 2004 has been successful for JJB,' said Investec.