Making sense of the past seven days
'Like leaving Real Madrid to join Scunthorpe United' was one description of Charles Wilson's defection from Marks & Spencer to run cash and carry business Booker this week.

While Rose tried to put as brave a face as possible on losing his right-hand man, the move leaves him isolated and under pressure at the Paddington HQ.

Wilson has always been the numbers man behind Rose's retailing brain, but his explanation that it's OK because he'd already done the cost-cutting work just doesn't wash.

'We're complementary' is how Rose, in happier times, described his relationship with Wilson. 'It's a case of one and one making three.' Now, with only one other executive director - new FD Ian Dyson - for company, his task of turning M&S around looks harder every day.

Matalan chief executive John King has been linked with a possible move to M&S, but he probably won't be moving just yet if his company's share price continues to soar. While Matalan has been a far from stellar performer, it has a great land-bank of retail park sites, which, the story goes, Asda or Tesco would love to get their hands on by making a bid for the value fashion retailer.

Harry Potter weaved his magic for some booksellers this week, with tons of hype stored up for last Friday's launch. The supermarkets repeatedly undercut each other - Asda beating Tesco by just 1p. However, both were beaten by Kwik Save's magic£4.99 offer.

One man who clearly must have been under some sort of spell was Ottakar's managing director James Heneage. Earlier in the week, Ottakar's issued a press release saying how well the retailer had done with its Potter sales. 'Our booksellers loved it and it has paid off,' it said, only to issue a stock exchange announcement on Thursday saying supermarket discounting had led to lower-than-expected sales. Maybe such delusions are what happens when you dabble with the other side.