Etailer The Hut Group has launched a dedicated handbag and accessories site and is planning more standalone sites as it seeks to expand its offer.

The Hut, which also runs Zavvi and white-label services for retailers including Asda and Tesco, said it wanted to differentiate its bags and accessories offer - previously sold on its entertainment and general merchandise site - which it hopes will allow it to bring in higher-end brands.

Commercial director of The Hut Richard Chapple said: “We are trying to differentiate the offer by giving it [bags and accessories] its own site to make it more aspirational.” is offering middle-market brands including Mischa Barton, Bench and Red or Dead with prices ranging from about £25 to £200. Chapple said he hopes to attract higher-end luxury brands to the site with price points up to £800.

Former Shop Direct buyer Michelle Marley has been hired as handbag and accessories buyer to build its offer for the site.

The Hut is still actively looking for online acquisitions and Chapple said it was also considering other areas in which it could launch a standalone offer, including toys, shoes and fashion, which it is exploring at present.

All of these would be offered - as with Mybag - with free delivery to customers, which Chapple said helps give it a USP.