Retail Week’s supplement shows just how much innovation has taken place in the payment arena in the past five years. Not all has been welcomed by retailers, but they will adopt new payment options where there is customer demand.

For example, international customers want localised payment options when they buy online from UK retailers. So payment providers have been quick to respond with appropriate services, and UK retailers have begun to adopt them.

Similarly, some retailers have seen huge jumps in the volume of web traffic – and even web sales – from mobile devices in the past 12 months, and optimising the payment process to make it smooth for such customers is a no-brainer.

In other cases, consumer demand is less proven, but there are opportunities to be explored. Offering credit online for big-ticket items to mirror the consumer trend for researching in-store and then completing a purchase online is one such option.

However, the big questions are what payment options will consumers demand when paying in-store, and which will retailers be prepared to adopt. With the speed the market is moving at, answers to these are likely to be much clearer within the next 12 months.

Joanna Perry, Supplement Editor