The Fragrance Shop is to opening larger, open format self-selection stores in high-footfall locations to cater for customers who want to browse product before buying.

The perfume specialist will open a trial store in Glasgow towards the end of November.

The new design will be a significant move for The Fragrance Shop, where its existing format displays products behind a counter. Instead, the larger stores will be open plan to enable customers to freely explore.

The shops will also be much bigger, at up to 1,500 sq ft compared to the average size at present of 800 sq ft.

The Fragrance Shop plans to eventually open 15 to 20 larger stores. Chief executive Sanjay Vadera has already stated he wants to open 100 stores altogether over the next five years.

Vadera said: “We have different types of customers. The Fragrance Shop caters for the customer that wants quick service and knows what they want. But the self-select store is very European - it’s for the customer that wants to browse but still needs assistance.”

Vadera emphasised that the new store model does not signal the end to the traditional format stores. Instead, The Fragrance Shop plans to use the new larger format in flagship locations where footfall is particularly high.

  • The retailer launched a Happy Week promotion on Monday as part of its Spray a Little Happiness marketing campaign designed o connect with customers on a more emotional level. During Happy Week the retailer offered 20% off all perfume in-store for two hours every day.