Potential merger of Somerfield/Iceland could upset the grocer's applecart
Tesco continued its expansion in the supermarket arena over the 12 weeks to January 30, building on its market share by 10 basis points. The grocer now controls 29.1 per cent of the market, according to the latest TNS figures. The retailer also achieved year-on-year growth of 13 per cent.

Meanwhile, Somerfield boosted its share by 11 per cent year on year, to 3.6 per cent. TNS communications director Edward Garner believed the grocer's performance would set it up well for a merger with Iceland, following yesterday's offer from Baugur. He said: 'If the bid is successful, it would enable Baugur to bring the Somerfield and Iceland fascias together to mount an assault on the growing convenience/top-up shopping trip. This could bring some competitive pressure to bear on Tesco, because it endeavours to attract a similar type of shopper into its Express stores.