100 to be rolled out in five months
Tesco is to roll out carton collection banks at stores in the UK, giving more of its customers the chance to recycle.

It is the first major retailer to commit to such an extensive roll-out. Tesco will launch collection points in 100 stores over the next five months, at a rate of two a week. The grocer has teamed with Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment in the UK (ACE UK) to promote the scheme.

Tesco head of waste and recycling Andy Duckworth said: 'Quite simply, we're helping our customers to recycle cartons where they may not have been able to before. We know our customers want to understand the environmental effects of a product's life cycle - including its packaging - before they buy. With cartons being used in almost every home, we want to encourage people to do more.'

ACE UK chairman Richard Hands said: 'Just three years ago, there was very little collection of cartons for recycling in the UK, because no local authorities had the facilities. But that picture has changed significantly. Now, we're looking at more than 100 local authority areas with facilities and more are coming on board every day, taking us a step closer to creating a national carton collection network by the end of next year.'