Tesco has confirmed its commitment to data warehouse supplier Teradata following the news that it has completed a project with an alternative supplier.

Last week, Retail Week reported on Tesco’s implementation of a Netezza system for the analysis of stock wastage and basket analysis.

However, Tesco says that it is not dissatisfied with Teradata and that it is using Netezza as part of a programme to evaluate various technologies and architectures.

Tesco UK IT director Chris Brocklesby said the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) on the Teradata platform is “central to the Tesco business intelligence strategy, delivering both management information and analytical services to the 13 countries that Tesco operates in, as well as our sourcing centres and service centre in India”.

He added: “The Teradata EDW delivers significant business value by providing a single integrated view of the Tesco business and Tesco is committed to further developing our relationship with Teradata as a strategic partner.”

Tesco’s EDW holds 60 terabytes of data. It provides management information systems for commercial reporting, supply chain and stores, as well as for suppliers.