Tesco plans to tag clothing at source next year

Tesco is preparing to move to the next stage of its RFID strategy by tagging individual garments at source, possibly as early as next year.

Tesco chief executive Sir Terry Leahy revealed the plan in a briefing held at the Efficient Customer Response show in Brussels on Tuesday.

Tesco had previously maintained that it is more interested in tagging pallets or cases of products. Leahy said: 'Tags on clothing can also make sense, but they would need to be tagged at source. We have some plans to attach tags at the point of manufacture, but that won't happen until 2005.'

The initiative echoes a similar move by Benetton last year, which ended in the company ceasing its pilot after protests from civil liberties groups.

'There is not great consumer concern. One or two groups have asked questions and these questions have been answered,' said Leahy.