Tesco has embarked on a guerrilla marketing campaign as it gears up for the second phase of the relaunch of its Clubcard.

The grocer has splashed billboards across the UK with a poster with just the words “Clubcard 2” – a tongue in cheek take on movie sequels.

Tesco relaunched its 15-year-old Clubcard in May this year with a £150m investment and price promotions including a double points scheme.

A Tesco spokeswoman declined to comment on the details of the second phase but said the campaign would launch in the next couple of months. She said Clubcard is a “key part of our offer” and is “hugely popular with our customers”.

She added: “We had a very successful relaunch of Clubcard in May and following on from that we have some more exciting initiatives coming up.”

Tesco, which last month introduced its Clubcard to Poland, has said that loyalty offers are even more important in the recession as shoppers can trade vouchers for days out or restaurants, which they may have had to cut down on as they try to save money.

Since the relaunch Tesco has added to the list of partners it works with and introduced several new offers, including redeeming vouchers for back-to-school clothing, and using vouchers against grocery delivery charges.