Shortage of UK candidates prompts rethink
Tesco could soon begin recruiting staff direct from Poland after Britain's biggest retailer admitted that it was 'increasingly difficult' to find staff in many regions of the UK.

The company was among a group of 30 British businesses that attended a jobs fair in the Polish capital Warsaw this week, organised by the Polish authorities.

The British Days Jobfair - which was also attended by representatives from Jobcentre Plus and the Trades Union Congress - ran for three days ending today and attracted 6,000 visitors daily.

A Tesco spokesman told The Daily Telegraph that the company's policy was to recruit locally in the UK, but that this was becoming hard.

'In areas of low unemployment and skills shortages, it has become increasingly difficult for many UK businesses to find people,' he added.

The level of unemployment in Poland is about 20 per cent, with many young out-of-work graduates hoping to join their estimated 400,000 compatriots who have already made the move to the UK.