A Swedish student has developed a system that, by recognising vein structures, allows shoppers to pay using their hands.

Fredrik Leifland, an engineering student at Lund University in Sweden, decided to develop a payment system using vein biometrics after waiting too long in line to pay for a sandwich at a supermarket.

A Swedish student has developed vein biometrics that allows shoppers to pay using their hands

Leifland said: “We had to connect all the players ourselves, which was quite complex: the vein scanning terminals, the banks, the stores and the customers. The next step was finding ways of packaging it into a solution that was user friendly."

Shoppers can sign up for the hand payments initiative by visiting a store with a terminal, and entering their social security and phone numbers. They then scan their palm three times, before receiving a text message with an activation link from the website. They complete registration by filling in a form with additional information.

The solution is being used by 15 stores and restaurants, mainly around the Lund University campus, with 1,600 active users.

Leifland said: "Every individual’s vein pattern is completely unique, so there really is no way of committing fraud with this system. You always need your hand scanned for a payment to go through."