Some 90 per cent of retailers are only using 5 per cent of their EPoS system’s facilities because they have a poor idea of the systems on offer, according to Scottish retail consultancy, The Retailer.

‘Some systems can’t meet the customer’s expectations because they have bought the wrong one,’ said The Retailer managing director Gordon Bell. ‘We are not saying they have been sold the wrong system. In most cases the purchaser has not specified their needs correctly or failed to supply an effective brief.’

Bell points out that the choice of EPoS system to invest in is confused by the amount of variations on offer.

‘The problem is the variety of retailers, which means hundreds of systems have been developed to suit retailers of all sizes and sectors. That makes choosing the right system particularly difficult,’ he said.

The Retailer has published a guide for businesses, which breaks the process of choosing EPoS systems into four specific stages and prompts the right questions they need to ask to avoid paying for functions they won’t use.

Retailers can download this guide from the Internet at