IBM has announced the completion of its acquisition of Trigo Technologies, four weeks after signing the agreement in March.

The buyout will strengthen IBM’s Webshare platform as a viable solution for supply chain management, because Trigo’s flagship middleware offering is positioned for product information management and distribution.

The software links product- related information, such as pricing, and synchronizes it with other stock management systems, both internally and with trading partners in the supply chain.

One of the most significant aspects of the deal is the software’s ability to process the huge amount of information collected through RFID tagging.

IBM has striven to position itself as an RFID solutions provider over the past year and is a key participant of German grocery giant Metro’s roll-out of RFID tagging in the supply chain.

Dealing with the huge increase in product information has been identified by industry commentators as a significant hurdle to RFID implementation.

Although IBM has not netted any UK retail partnerships through the tie-up, Trigo has deals with US grocer Albertsons, and suppliers such as Philips, Sony and Panasonic.

In a statement, Panasonic general manager of business systems development Steven Adorno said: ‘IBM’s acquisition validates our selection of Trigo Product Centre as the right data synchronization solution to help us manage product information across various systems, and to operate in a true global fashion.’