Asos has once again posted fantastic results, and if its community team has anything to do with it, the online fashion retailer is going to keep this growth up.

Asos has once again posted fantastic results, with another year-on-year doubling of its sales, and if its community team have anything to do with it, it’s going to keep this growth up.

With the beta launch of its Asos Life community site, the online fashion retailer has taken the bold step of including an Ideas section. Customers can post ideas they would like to see Asos adopt, and other customers can vote on them.

It’s already a mine of information on the desires and demands of the type of young fashion-conscious and online-savvy consumers that Asos attracts.

The most voted for idea right now is to extend the time that a customer can save their basket for – Asos customers say the two-hour basket save feature currently on the site isn’t long enough. What’s most interesting is how balanced and sensible the comments are that customers have posted in response to the idea. While they would like a record of what they have put in their basket but not ordered, perhaps for up to two days, there is recognition that it might not be fair to reserve stock in this way for so long.

Other ideas include adding ratings and reviews, loyalty cards and free delivery. And the majority of the ideas and feedback give the impression that customers are keen to get involved with making this retailer bigger and better, rather than the simple “make everything cheaper or free” comments that you might expect the nation’s youth to post.

Asos is following up on the ideas, and asking for more detail and feedback on those that it thinks it could work on, ensuring that customers don’t feel the time they are spending on engaging with the retailer is for nothing.

Many retailers now go on about how focused they are on their customers, and “customer-centricity”. This year’s big idea for retail could very well be that customers’ ideas are the ones to follow.