BrightHouse is developing a replacement EPoS system after finding there is a gap in the market for a system that can effectively handle its buy-to-own business model.

BrightHouse head of business change and IT Simon Mouncer said that the retailer has unique requirements because of the customer agreements it needs to create within its point-of-sale system.

The IRIS system is being developed by a team of 25 IT and business staff internally, with the assistance of specialist software developers in India.

BrightHouse evaluated the EPoS system used by three US peers, but decided to develop a replacement system in-house.

It will be piloted in one region in around 11 stores, by September and a full roll-out will begin next year.

The development will also allow BrightHouse to move to a system run centrally, rather than with EPoS software running on local devices at each store.

The retailer will retain hardware that is four years old or less, and kit that is being replaced will be installed before the software roll-out starts.