Repositioning point of sale (POS) systems as the hub of multichannel customer engagement.


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Despite the fact that in-store transaction volumes amount to five to nine times that of online, the tools available to retailers to engage in-store customers remain generations behind what’s available for online customers. Ecrebo technology unleashes the true potential of personal in-store customer engagement.

Engaging in-store customers has historically relied upon loyalty programmes, both to track purchase behaviour and to open customer communication channels. The challenges facing marketers using traditional loyalty programmes have increased in recent years however; driving customer adoption, ensuring continued engagement, relatively costly and infrequent direct messaging (DM) or email communication.

With Ecrebo technology, retailer POS systems are repositioned as the hub of multichannel customer engagement, with existing printer hardware leveraged to provide a real-time customer communication channel in-store.

Using Ecrebo’s Attune platform, retailers create campaigns that are delivered in real-time according to customer behaviour. Delivery of campaigns can be based on immediate basket behaviour, for example; product/stock keeping unit (SKU), spend-level, location, time and date can be based on historic customer behaviour and profile, using payment card proxy or a loyalty card as an identifier. Leveraging POS in this way gives retailers access to 100% of its in-store customer base, without the need for customer sign-up or data-capture.

Delivering personal engagement at till using existing POS and printer hardware has a number of advantages.

Firstly, there is no investment in new software or hardware. This means retailers can run proof-of-concept trials in controlled locations to establish a business case before full-scale deployment. Ecrebo can deploy its solution via a light-touch application and have the channel live for proof of concept within weeks, as opposed to months. For full-scale deployment, API-driven integration can be implemented. In-house data analysis resource is available to support the trial of this channel.

Another key strength of this in-store engagement is the fact that this communication channel is proprietary – ie there are no competitor messages competing for customer attention. When using channels such as DM, email, SMS and the like, retailer engagement is much more difficult given the volume of competing messages sharing the channel. Using personalised engagement printed at the point of sale gives retailers a unique opportunity to deliver a message where they have full customer attention.

Engaging in this way gives opportunity to significantly enhance cashier/customer interaction. Where a cashier – who is able to communicate the value of the offer and any pertinent details such as expiry date – hands a customer a personally relevant message, the propensity for the customer to retain and redeem the offer is significantly increased.

Ecrebo’s advanced Rendering Engine enables retailers to significantly differentiate printed engagement from transaction receipts, with landscape format and high-quality image printing helping to give the channel real impact. Using this Rendering Engine not only allows retailers to produce attention-grabbing messages, but also enables printing of unique barcodes and QR codes.

Unique barcodes mean performance of the in-store channel can be tracked in real-time and drilled down to the individual’s level, giving instant insight as to what works for what customers. This in-store channel can also be used highly effectively to drive multichannel. Using QR codes, retailers can leverage customer mobile devices to drive digital channels. For example, a customer purchasing a dress could be given an engagement offering not only a discount on the matching shoes online, but also a QR code to quickly allow the customer to view those shoes on their smartphone.

Ecrebo has processed over two billion transactions and powered delivery of over 300 million personalised customer engagements at till. Ecrebo’s Attune platform allows retailers to create, deploy and manage engagement across in-store and digital channels from a single hub, avoiding channel conflict and collision. Ecrebo’s solution powers customer engagement for some of the UK’s largest retailers.

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This is an advertorial provided by Ecrebo.