Westfield London has partnered with PayPal to allow shoppers to pay for parking using a mobile device at the Shepherds Bush centre.

The partnership marks the first time eBay-owned PayPal has allowed people in the UK to use its app to pay for parking.

In order to encourage take up of the app PayPal and Westfield will initially offer free parking on weekdays when visitors pay with the app.

Westfield’s UK & Europe director of operations Bill Giouroukos said: “Westfield prides itself on pioneering digital innovations for our customers, so it was a natural fit to partner with PayPal to allow convenient payment for parking with phones.

“It’s one less thing to worry about – customers will be able to save time and money with the special offer.”

The PayPal app is already used by retailers including Oasis and Warehouse to allow customers to pay for products, and can also be used to send money or split bills with friends.

PayPal UK director of retail and hospitality services Rob Harper said: “Over 2,000 UK high street stores and restaurants already let you pay with PayPal’s app, and we predict that by 2016 you’ll be able to leave your wallet at home when you shop on the high street.”