Shirt specialist TM Lewin is planning to launch online in the Czech Republic later this year and is also considering sites in Russia and Germany.

The plans follow dedicated websites for the US, Australia and continental Europe, which were launched in late 2012.

The retailer said its new sites have helped to drive double digit online growth in the last financial year.

TM Lewin is working with ecommerce consultancy eCommera, and has also rolled out a data analytics tool from the supplier, enabling the retailer to get a clearer view of business data and improve decision making.

TM Lewin director of home shopping Andrew Mossman said: “We’re looking much more at bounce rate, basket conversion, conversion from basket to checkout. The net result has been that we had a very good 2010-2011 year, we grew over 30%, and 2011-2012, we grew a bit less but still in double digits. We’re repeating the same growth rate this year, and that’s come from both UK and overseas.”

The retailer is now focusing on improving site productivity and analysing the full customer journey.