Sainsbury’s has invested in “cutting edge” technology to improve its self-service and manned tills, which it said will reduce customer queuing time by 500,000 hours a year.

The grocer said the new tills will “not only offer customers a more efficient, quicker system but will also improve the look and feel of Sainsbury’s check-out areas”.

The new tills, which will be rolled out to more than 330 stores, will feature bi-optic scanners that enable customers to spend 12% less time at the check-out, which the supermarket has worked out will save its 19 million customers 500,000 hours a year.

Staff that previously worked on manned till points will be trained to support customers at the self-checkout, although manned check-outs will still be available in all stores.

The new tills print double sided receipts, helping reduce the amount of paper used by over 350 tonnes annually. Sainsbury’s claims this is a first for a UK retailer on self-service tills.

Sainsbury’s retail & logistics director Roger Burnley said: “This is a massive investment in IT from Sainsbury’s that will not only reduce queuing times for customers but also provide a big boost for the environment at the same time.”