Ryman will replace its web platform before the end of the year as part of a significant overhaul of its internet operation.

The project is the latest phase of technology investment by the stationer, which replaced its head office systems 18 months ago. It will allow Ryman to provide a fuller offer to business customers and replace its existing consumer web offer.

The new web platform will link to the K3 head office system, which includes financials, inventory management and distribution. Ryman has already improved its reporting capabilities and reduced inventory with the introduction of the Microsoft-based K3 system.

Ryman finance director Simon Lakin said the system has delivered many efficiencies, including consolidating its business.

He said: “The system gives us the flexibility to run different product ranges in different types of stores, and has allowed us to consolidate our warehouse.”

All users now have access to a single collection of data, and the production of the retailer’s Monday morning reporting packs has been transformed.

Prior to the introduction of the K3 system, such packs’ preparation began on Saturday. Now the information is automatically delivered to users via email and their web browser on a Monday morning.

Lakin said: “Business intelligence allows staff to interrogate the decisions that they are making.” He explained that this has im-proved the decisions the retailer is making in relation to both sales and margins.

The K3 system went live in February last year, over one weekend, at the same time as the retailer was combining the businesses. Previously, both businesses were running on slightly different versions of a Unix-based system.