Ralph Lauren has used a range of digital technologies as part of its recent launch of its Polo Ralph Lauren line for women at Harrods in London.

Ralph Lauren is using digital technology to boost its latest fashion launch

Using their mobile phones, shoppers can use their phones to scan QR codes and get content sent to their phones. The images are on the front of the Harrods store. The content can also be triggered by NFC technology embedded in smartphones.

By scanning the images shoppers can receive an interactive map guiding them to the Polo range in Harrods. Some of the QR codes take them through to the Harrods mobile site so they can access the whole range at any time, including when the store is closed. Plus, there is exclusive and interactive content.

Guy Cheston, Harrods Media Sales Director said: “Customers are using mobile and digital technology more and more, so we are keen to explore new ways for brands to interact with our customers whilst they visit the store. It’s great to be able to reach out to passers-by, even when the store is closed and build brand loyalty and excite customers into the store, or for a return visit.”

He added luxury brands are getting more adventurous in their approach to digital. “Luxury brands are well known for being conservative, rightly protecting their precious brand values. A few years back, it was a challenge to get luxury brands to promote via digital screens in-store due to sensitivities over adjacencies with competing brands, but this is not an issue any longer. They see the impact, and high value in such a dynamic medium which drives retail sales in-store.”