Ocado is giving consumers who have interacted with the brand but are not regular shoppers the chance to win their shopping using a Wheel of Fortune-style online game.

Shoppers are sent an email by Ocado containing an online wheel that they are invited to spin. They can win their shopping or a variety of other prizes such as free delivery or Ocado vouchers.

The technology was rolled out in mid-July. The company behind the technology, online gaming company Yipiii, says the tool can be used to gather insight on what shoppers want to buy, compared to what they go on to purchase.

The technology means shoppers will choose products according to what they’d like to win, before spinning the wheel to see if they’ve managed to. If they don’t win, the retailer can compare their wish list basket with whatever they do eventually go on to purchase.

Yipiii says retailers can use the tool to target particular groups of customers, such as those a retailer hopes will start purchasing more regularly. It can also be used to provide loyalty bonuses for existing customers and targeted promotions for specific inventory.