One Nisa Local retailer has helped a software house develop new functionality for its EPoS system, and says he is saving several man hours of labour in each of his stores every day as a result.

Kishor Patel, whose six Nisa Local stores turn over £7m a year, has been working with Spedi Software on enhancements to its point-of-sale system that allow back office processes to be handled at the point of sale.

Patel said: “Staff can carry out reporting, ordering and other back office functions during quieter times such as early morning and after lunch when previously they would be at the till manning the shop, unable to carry out other duties.”

The system connects to Nisa-Today’s and collects price files, with Patel able to oversee the guidance provided on pricing and stock at his head office. Each store manager is then able to set prices locally on certain items, although these only go live once new shelf-edge labels have been printed to ensure the store complies with trading standards rules.

Spedi Software managing director David Mendus added that the company supplies many other independents within symbol groups, but has worked particularly with Patel on the development because he is one of the most innovative retailers using the system. He added that the company is now developing a quick-sell option for the system to further improve productivity at the point of sale.