Musgrave Retail Partners GB will encourage owners of its Londis and Budgens stores to adopt a broadband network it has trialled in a number of company-owned stores.

The network, provided by Vodat International, has been in use for three months at 13 stores. It is used to connect the stores to head office systems, for card transaction processing and can also be used for things such as remotely monitoring CCTV.

During September Musgrave will begin a major drive to sell the network to the independent owners of 1,861 Londis stores and 183 Budgens stores. Vodat International expects to have about 250 stores connected to the network before the end of the year and will then build on this next year with the plan being to eventually convince all of Musgrave’s partners to take up the service.

The network is PCIDSS-compliant and can also be used for services such as compliance auditing and to monitor equipment, such as fridge and freezer temperatures, and fire alarms.

Musgrave Retail Partners GB interim IT director Mark Trevorrow said: “With more than 2,000 stores this is an important step for the company. The security will help us to control information that is sent across the network and in the long-term there will also be scope to use this for additional applications.”