Nearly one-in-two UK retailers are looking at new in-store technologies as a business priority in the coming year. 

As online retail offers seamless transactions, high-street stores are changing their focus to bring shoppers the same level of service.

As part of a new Retail Week report produced in association with ShopperTrak, we surveyed 1,000 consumers to find out how the economic climate is shaping the way they shop on the high street.

This exclusive Retail Week research reveals there is still a strong appetite for bricks-and-mortar shopping – demonstrated by the 71% of consumers who make at least 60% of their purchases in-store, and the 11% who still make all of their purchases in a physical shop.

However, research by ShopperTrak found that 55% of shoppers feel online shopping is better tailored to their needs than in-store, and 52% ‘wished stores could understand me better’

Retailers can’t control the price of fuel or the will of the public, but with big data they can control and personalise the in-store experience.

If time is precious and hassle is a turn-off, the new technology that retailers have at their fingertips is essential to boost the in-store experience and enhance profits.

Shopping the brand

Our survey shows 57% of shoppers are set to predominantly use stores to buy products in the coming 12 months.

However, 35% will use them to ‘browse, touch and feel’ items before buying online; while 9% will use bricks-and-mortar as a collection point for online orders.

So, if a business can create an experience that seamlessly connects all the interactions a consumer has with their brand – and does so in a unique way – it will not only gain a strong competitive advantage but a positive impact on the bottom line.