Homebase has rolled out a customer insight programme which it says is improving customer satisfaction.

The initiative, ‘Paint us a Picture,’ is designed to allow store managers to get more feedback on what customers thought of their experience, and will collect feedback from customers at Homebase’s 340 UK stores.

Managing director Paul Loft said the initiative is “part of the service journey we are on.” The retailer is working with SMG, which runs customer insight programmes.

The programme replaces Homebase’s use of mystery shopping, and works by encouraging shoppers to complete a customer feedback survey. The web address they need appears on the back of store til receipts and there is an incentive in the form of a £5 voucher.

Homebase completed a three month pilot across three regions last year, and is now rolling it out across the business. Store managers get a round up each month of their store’s customer feedback and can then act on the feedback received.

Loft says the feedback system generally sees around 60 customers per month per store responding. He adds: “We have seen an uptick in the level of satisfaction.” Loft said the programme is likely to be improving sales. “Sales are harder to gauge but we can see if you serve customers better you will sell more. The aim is to improve loyalty.”