French Connection has launched an iPhone app that provides a rich social media experience for its users.

The transactional app, created by mobile technology company Answer, showcases the entire range of French Connection products. Using the app has the experience of flicking through the pages of a glossy magazine. Customers can consult a ‘look book’ for outfit combinations and integration with Facebook and Twitter allows them to communicate about the fashion showcased.

Customers can create a birthday wish list through the app and put it on Facebook and create picture conversations about potential or recently made purchases.

French Connection digital director Jennifer Roebuck, in explaining why the app is web-based, said: “The cloud-based App model from Answer means that all data is in one place to power real-time functionality for our customers and overcome potential integration issues. For example, someone can start browsing online on their computer in the morning, try on in store at lunch and then checkout on their mobile to avoid queuing at the tills.”

Answer head of design and innovation Steve Dobson added: “Franchise operations in fashion and retail mean that you need to be ready to replicate digital marketing across geographical territories. The cloud-based App helps with this providing a business hub as a central point of data control. “