Irish sports retailer Elverys Sports has implemented an ERP system and gets direct helpdesk support and database management from an IT provider to manage its supply chain and business operations.

The ERP system and services will be supplied by retail IT service provider PCMS, alongside the EPoS system it already provides to Elverys Sport. The ERP system will allow greater visibility over stock levels, forecasting and sales reporting to improve the efficiency of the supply chain.

The helpdesk support, database management and ongoing monitoring provided by PCMS will ensure that potential issues are identified before impacting on the retailer’s business operations.

Elverys Sports IT director Fiona Murphy said: “We are fully cognisant of the fact that our IT systems and infrastructure are a fundamental part of supporting our business operations and are critical to the ongoing support and growth of our retail stores, so it was vitally important that we had a partner that was able to provide support at both an operational and strategic level.”