Early Learning Centre, owned by Mothercare, has launched a new mobile site to bridge its mobile, store and web channels, as it seeks to drive sales.

The mobile site runs on the same platform as its website, meaning prices and promotions can be updated on both sites at the same time. This is something most retailers aren’t able to do because their mobile site and main websites are typically run on separate platforms.

The retailer also plans to link more closely with the Mothercare brand on the site. Functions on the mobile site will be expanded later this year and more information on stock levels added.

Javelin Group associate director Allen Gahn, who led the implementation, said: “There will be stronger links to stores. Customers will be able to see if there are particular products in their nearest store so they can go and try them out.”

Early Learning Centre will also add a function to the site that will show substitute products to the customer if the exact product they searched for is not in stock.

Mothercare executive director Jas Virdee says the mobile site is doing well so far. He said: “We have already seen an uptake of the site with orders being taken on the first day of our soft launch.”