Appliance etailer DRL has increased conversions on its site after revealing the content of its customer reviews to search engines.

DRL implemented Bazaarvoice’s Smart SEO technology last month that uses a text-based coding language to allow search engines, like Google, to be able to index the reviews on the site, This allows customers to find the site using keywords from reviews, gives the site higher placement in search results and drives traffic to the site.

The site has seen a 39% increase in the number of keywords leading to referrals to product pages and a 9% increase in conversion from traffic entering on those terms to the product pages.

DRL web and SEO manager Matthew Lawson said: “People search on search engines using their own language. This language is the type that is used in reviews. People using keywords are more likely to actually make a purchase as they are at the right point in the buying cycle where they are more descriptive in their search and what to know what other people think of a product.”

He added that for white appliances it is essential to reach people at the right point in their two-week buying cycle.

Lawson said that in the pipeline for further development, possibly around April, is to allow customers to use the site’s own search engine using keywords that appear in reviews.

DRL runs appliances websites for other retailers including Boots and M&S. While an immediate roll-out of the SEO improvements to these white-label sites is not currently on the agenda, Lawson said: “Early indication shows there is a huge opportunity to move it forward.”