DFS has inked a deal with former Tesco chairman Lord MacLaurin’s digital receipts start-up.

The sofa specialist has begun using the eReceipts service which collects customers’ receipts in an online account.

Using the system, shoppers will be able to log on to a single online account and see their spending at every retailer signed up to the scheme using a cloud-based system.

DFS is the first multiple to sign up to use eReceipts and will begin using the service online and at 80 stores next month.

The service has been trialled by more than 80 independent retailers including a collective of independents in West London. The system is powered by IBM.

It is hoped the service will appeal to multiples looking to save money on till receipts and improving the environment.

eReceipts chairman MacLaurin said: “eReceipts has the potential to have the biggest impact on retail since the introduction of loyalty cards. Retailers, consumers and businesses all benefit with retailers being able to utilise customer data to derive a new revenue stream, increase footfall and run their operations more efficiently.

“Combining the obvious benefits for retailers, consumers and businesses, with the simplicity of the eReceipts system, we will see the end of the paper receipt.”

Managing director Andrew Carroll said: “Our research shows that 90% of individuals would prefer to have receipts digitally stored in a cloud account rather than collecting paper receipts, while 50% of individuals would purposefully buy from a retailer who offered this service over a paper receipt issuer.”